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Dutch private language courses and coaching per Skype

Skype Exam training State Exam Programme I or II


Skype exam training State Exam NT2 The complete Skype exam training State Exam I or II is meant for those who want to do State Exam NT2 Programme I or State Exam Programme II and had no proper training.

Those who have to redo one or more parts of one of the State Exams, can apply for a shorter training, with a minimum of  90 mins.

In 2015 Suitcase students who passed the State Exams succesfully exceeded the national percentage with 20 %.

To make sure that your language level is high enough to start the training, you may ask for a free intake of 30 minutes. 

Admission: You are highly educated  (higher professional education or university).
Intake free (to a maximum of 30 mins) per telephone, mail and/or Skype.

Skype Exam training State Exam I or II € 495,- materials € 50, no btw

12x 45 minutes private tutoring within a limited period of 16 weeks.

The hour rate of Skype State Exam coaching other than the complete training is € 45,- per  45 minutes, with a minimum of 90 mins, no btw. You also pay for communication time and correction if that takes place outside classtime. Your class time is limited to a period of 16 consecutive weeks.

Skype classes and e-mailing on weekdays 9-17:00.

Margreet speaks Dutch, English, Spanish (B2); German, French (B1) and basic Russian ( A2).

Margreet Kwakernaak Suitcase talen

Margreet Kwakernaak is a certified senior trainer, trainer and examiner State Exams, author of  seven textbooks on Dutch. Read more about Suitcase talen and Margreet’s classes in student reactions.

Call 036-5367482 for an appointment for a free intake!




Privéles Almere

Maroccan, (48), working in finance, aims for promotion within the company. His written Dutch needs improvement. The employwer pays 22,5 hours one-to-one training over a period of 5 months. With the help of Margreet Kwakernaak and four textbooks the finance specialist improves his grammar and working vocabulary systematically. His weekly texts on a self choosen work subject show steady improvement.


Private classes Almere

American woman, (48), flight attendant at an American Airline, lives one half of the time in the US, and the other half in the Netherlands,. She has a relation with a Dutchman. As her irregular working hours do not permit her to follow a standard course, she books private classes with Suitcase talen on her days off in the Netherlands. Her Dutch is progressing steadily.

Private classes Almere

Lihtuanian woman (36), accompanies her talented son- a sportsman- all over Europe. In order to travel easily, she needs a Dutch passport. Whilst improving her general Dutch in a Suitcase standard course twice per week in a Suitcase evening course, she speeds up the passport procedure in a private exam training of 12 x 1,5 hours for State Exam NT2 Programme I- during daytime.