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Dutch private exam training and language courses

Exam training State Exam Programme I or II or ONA


Skype exam training State Exam NT2 The complete exam training State Exam I, II or ONA is meant for those who want to do State Exam NT2 Programme I or State Exam Programme II  or ONA and had no proper training.

Those who have to redo one or more parts of one of the State Exams, can apply for a shorter training.

In 2017 Suitcase students who passed the State Exams succesfully, exceeded the national percentage with 35 %.

Admission: You are highly educated  (higher professional education or university).
Free intake on appointment.

Private Exam training State Exam I, II  or ONA

8 x1,5 hours € 840,-- materials € 50, within a limited period of 16 weeks. Pin in 2 installments

3 x 1,5 hours €  315,- , within a limited period of 6 weeks. One pin.

1x1,5 hrs € 105,-. One pin.

Only a complete (8x1,5 hours) one-to-one examtraining can be paid with a loan of the DUO-groep.


Private classes Dutch: 

15x 1,5 hrs € 1575,- plus materials (€ 100-130)  Invoice or  pin in 3 installments

10x 1,5 hrs € 1050,- plus materials (€80-€100) Invoice or pin in 3 installments

3x 1,5 hrs € 315,- (plus materials if needed) One pin

1x 1,5 hrs € 105,- (plus materials if needed) One pin

All  private classes on weekdays 9-17:00, Almere Literatuurwijk Margreet Kwakernaak Suitcase talen

Margreet speaks Dutch, English, Spanish (B2); German, French (B1) and basic Russian ( A2).

Margreet Kwakernaak is a certified senior trainer, certified ONA-coach and has 8 years of experience as an examiner State Exams. Margreet is author of  eight textbooks on Dutch. Read more about Suitcase talen and Margreet’s classes in student reactions.

Call 036-5367482 for an appointment for a free intake!